Welcome to the "COLORS" project, a first of it's kind in music history.

On the one year anniversary of the 9/11 attacks on America, the song "COLORS" was released, performed by artists from all across the country, each sharing a message of national unity and racial harmony. The triple CD collection is being offered at COST - with no profit going to the participating artists!

Never before, have so many nationwide independent artists assembled at their own cost to deliver such a powerful message in so many musical styles ... and then simultaneously released such a song on the same day all across the U.S. What you will experience in "COLORS" is the intense pride, diversity, and power of America in song.

Only one artist was selected from each state and for inspiration they were provided only one set of lyrics. No musical or production direction was given and each artist had complete freedom to create their own version of this song, in their own style. "COLORS" is the result of their creation.

from the American people ... to the American people.

(Paticipating Artists - Click Here For Updates)

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